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Push for SA automotive companies to attain ISO 50001:2011 certification

Not one South African company has achieved certification for ISO 50001:2011, the international standard for energy management, to date, despite the country being one of the first in 2011 to publish the standard, along with Australia and Sweden.

EC automotive component manufacturer aims for ISO 50001:2011

Shock absorber manufacturer Tenneco Ride Performance aims to be the first automotive component supplier in South Africa to be awarded ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System certification, when it is audited for compliance with the standard in November…

New device helps gauge energy consumption of compressor systems

Compressor hire company Rand-Air is investigating the introduction of the MBox Lite, a device that measures the peaks and troughs of compressed-air energy consumption. “All derived information can be used to suggest a prudent choice of compressor to promote energy efficiency, thus, further enhancing our ability to customise environment-friendly solutions for our customers,” says Rand-Air marketing manager Byrone Thorne.

Financial administration ensures improved landfill site operation

The uptake of specialised financial services by municipalities involved in waste management can improve revenue collection and the efficiency of landfill sites, says multidisciplinary engineering firm BVi Consulting Engineers.

Industries await outcome of plan

For the paper and packaging industries to increase their recycling rates, the draft Industry Waste Management Plan, delivered to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in August 2011 by the Packaging Council of South Africa (Pacsa), needs to be …

Government and industry focus on better waste management and job creation

South Africa needs to implement better waste management practices and focus on growing its green economy through improved waste management, says Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) VP Dr Suzan Oelofse.

Environment-friendly brick-making plant commissioned

Environment-friendly concrete brick manufacturer Cape Brick, in March upgraded its existing mixing plant at its manufacturing plant in Philippi, in the Western Cape, to a 1 500-ℓ-capacity mixing plant to manufacture concrete bricks comprising 70% recycled crushed aggregates (RCAs).

Plastic packaging demand expected to increase, despite environmental concerns

Plastic represents one of the fastest-growing categories of materials used and disposed of in South Africa and is defined as a priority sector by government, but environmental concerns about the packaging solution remain, Plastics SA executive director…

Recycled tyres used for flooring at Redhill School

A 700 m² flooring project at Redhill School, in Sandton, was completed in mid-November last year, using imported Ecore Ecosurfaces rubber flooring, manufactured from recycled tyres by international commercial flooring company Ecore, and supplied by Polyflor South Africa (SA).

Manufacturer aims for 5% share of lucrative industry

The renewal of Cape Town water-treatment systems manufacturer Resource Ballast Technologies’ (RBT’s) Type Approval Certificate for its ballast water-treatment system could allow the company to benefit from what is potentially a $34-billion worldwide ba…