Social Environmental Research

The Living Ghoen can offer you tailor-made, solution driven research to find solutions for your social, environmental or business related environmental problems.

Whether you want to start your green journey, expand your environmentally-efficient initiatives, find alternative solutions for existing problems, or merely communicate your initiatives to your stakeholders, we can assist you.

Our academic research experience from a social perspective include 3 post graduate qualifications, including a M. Ed. qualification in attitude and attitude change and a post-graduate qualification in Psychology.

We view attitude and attitude change as the main factors towards changing existing perceptions and create a move towards sustainable responsible behaviour.

This, of course, reflects in the business-related field in terms of consumer behaviour, in which your marketing initiatives are focussed. In this field, we bring the expertise of a marketing specialist (with corporate experience) and the business strategy specialist (experienced in a variety of economic sectors) to the table.

Although the main focus of our organisation is to ‘mainstream’ environmental behaviour, we understand that research in the field is crucial to establish a basis from which to initiate communication to end-users or consumers.

This, as such was identified as one of the crucial aspects of resistance towards more environmentally friendly behaviour.

For example:

An ‘energy-efficiency strategy’ might seem like a business strategy only to be implemented by large corporations, but it is just as relevant in every citizen’s every-day lives. Energy-efficient strategies in our homes are just as crucial! This can start by merely focussing on behaviour, like switching off appliances, geysers or light switches, or replacing existing globes with energy-saving globes. This results not only in cost-effectiveness, but in carbon reduction, thus, saving the planet.

The same principle applies to a ‘water usage audit’, which merely means measuring outputs and reduce water usage where possible and the use of water saving devices, like grey-water systems, low pressure devices or rain water harvesting.

Extremely relevant here is the fact that the latest WWF-water report indicates that SA can experience extreme water shortages as soon as 2015. This desperate situation is further stretched with the acid mine water crises, threatening water supplies in the larger Witwatersrand area.

At The Living Ghoen we can back our academic skills with a number of action-research projects, of which many were conducted in specific social contexts of extreme poverty and in one of our country’s most disadvantaged areas.

In view of the desperate need and the lack of existing research in the social environmental field, we can contribute to enhancement and broadening of existing knowledge, not only in the academic field, but are able to apply it in ‘real-life’ experiences of everyday citizens.

Our research will be conducted with the following in mind:

In consultation with the client, we will:

  1. Define the specific problem to be investigated
  2. Gather appropriate and relevant data from as many as possible primary and secondary sources.
  3. Determine different possible solutions
  4. Determine, in consultation, the best possible solution, with resources, capacity and time constraints as basis of departure.
  5. A reflection process, in which problems could be identified.
  6. Assist the client during the implementation phase, and
  7. On a monthly basis, offer follow up or feedback services.

With our broad base of experience, we can offer assistance in awareness campaigns, train employees or even train your trainers. We can assist you in identifying ‘change agents’ or support these change agents in their efforts.

With this in mind, it should be clear that we can offer a broad or narrow research solution to your business or any stakeholder in the supply chain.

Best of all: if we cannot help you, we will find someone to solve your problem, no matter how big or small.