Employment & Sustainability

We will always have people less fortunate than us amongst us. It is our human responsibility to take care of them. In our country, again, during 2010, more than a million people lost their jobs. We experience rising prices and food insecurity in all levels of life. We are bombarded with extreme poverty, and yet, there are people making a difference in the smallest of ways, like planting their own vegetable gardens and thus providing food for their families.

Again, the ‘how’ comes into effect. We, at ‘The Living Ghoen’ incorporated one of these enthusiastic gardeners in our business profile. A hard worker, aware of the advantages of growing food, and proud of his accomplishments, he will guide gardeners towards sustainable practices. He has also identified a number of recycled products to be used, to make it easier for our clients to reduce waste and re-use and recycle different waste products.

michaelBy merely attending one of our workshops on gardening or sending your worker, you can start and maintain your own garden and provide your family and those of your workers with healthy food, and sustainable gardens.

What about your small business? How are environmental impacts going to affect you and your workers? The Living Ghoen, again can help you! With years of experience, a dedicated team, and researchers aware of the latest developments, devoted environmental practitioners and consultants; we can offer a unique service. If we can’t, we will find someone to help!




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