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More than 20% of SA cars still using lead-replacement petrol but only 1% need it

More than 20% of the cars in South Africa are still run on lead replacement petrol (LRP), despite only about 1% of them having a technical requirement for it.

Yes, Climate Change Will Harm Your Health and Your Children’s: Rising Temperatures Worsen Ozone Pollution, Asthma Attacks

In April the British Medical Journal warned that climate change “poses an immediate and grave threat, driving ill-health and increasing the risk of conflict, such that each feeds upon the other.”  The UK’s Hadley Center notes that on our current one related impact, “By the 2090s close to one-fifth of the world’s population will be [...]

Toyota car plant gears up for solar power

BusinessGreen: Car manufacturer to fit 17,000 photovoltaic panels at Debyshire plant, generating enough power to build 7,000 cars a yearToyota looks set to install a £10m solar array to power operations at its Derbyshire plant after the local authorit…

Press Release: Boycott shell to save our water!

Earthlife Africa and anti-fracking activists are calling for a National Boycot off Shell. This countrywide boikot will start on Tuesday, 17 May and last until the Government bans all fracking or Shell withdraws its application to frack for shale gas in the Karoo. This urgent and important action will start fromt 17 May 2011 and […]

Toyota keeps going ‘green’

Toyota is pairing its little known housing business with its expertise in green cars to sell computer systems that link homes, utilities and vehicles to reduce energy use.

Going the Extra Mile–Tips from Energy-Saving Hypermilers

So you don’t drive a hybrid. But you can still get better mpg in the car you have. Join the ranks of the hypermilers–people who compete over how much they can improve their fuel economy just by using better…