The Living GhoenThe Living Ghoen (aka The Green Spot) offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to be  empowered and inspired to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, reap the advantages thereof and by doing so, respect our planet, our people and allow profit for everyone.

The main aim of the company will be to raise awareness for the effects of global warming.

Focus will be placed on the contribution each individual can make to either adapt, or to mitigate the effects of global warming. By counteracting these effects, everyone can benefit and we can make the planet safer and healthier for our children and those coming after them, and at the same time, save money.

We offer our expertise in Carbon Footprint Assessments, Research relevant to Environmental Issues, Workshops with Environmental Awareness as focus, Garden Product and Training Workshops, assistance in Saving and Re-using Water, assistance in Saving Electricity and other costs (this includes information, workshops and offering relevant products) as well as assistance in Greening your business, with specific focus on SMME’s, with strategies to allign your business for future impacts.

How are we keeping track of the most recent relevant information?

We stay on top by memberships to a number of professional institutions, newsletters and access to academic libraries. We subscribe to all relevant newsletters and have access to the latest news feeds from government and international organisations. Examples of these include: GCE (Global Carbon Exchange), GHGP (Green House Gas Protocol), SAAEA (South African Alternative Energy Association), WWF, Discovery Planet, etc.

We believe in PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and we are committed to LEADING BY EXAMPLE. How do we do this?

  • We reduce our electricity consumption as far as possible
  • We only use what is really needed (Lights, appliances, computers and printers are turned off when not in use.)
  • Computers and printers are energy saving (green star – graded)
  • We only travel when needed and plan our trips to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • We ensure steady driving techniques to reduce our petrol consumption as far as possible.
  • We drive with small efficient cars as far as possible.
  • We focus on technological means of communication where possible.
  • We use recycled paper and print as few copies as possible, to help save our trees and our scarce water resources.
  • We re-use products where possible (have our own compost heap and cultivate our own seedlings as far as possible), re-use any
  • possible packaging or other waste products, and think of innovative ways to re-invent waste, to, eventually reduce our waste-to-landfill (ex. Old newspapers are used when we develop and design gardens as part of the organic foundation and to prevent weeds in our gardens.
  • Our members work flexi-time to ensure driving outside peak hours where possible, to lessen the CO2 emissions of the company and allow for personal time.


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After the recent economic recession, we are all focussed on doing things ‘better’, more cost effective, with a concern for the environment. South Africa, as an economic leader in the continent and extremely reliable on fossil fuel, will have to set the example.

Recent research has shown that a growing number of consumers become more environmentally concerned. We will no longer be able to go about our everyday lives as usual. In this regard, we have a number of corporate trendsetters, whom has placed their focus on advocating, providing and educating towards more environmentally friendly attitudes.

In our quest to keep in touch with the latest information available in all aspects of biodiversity, most recent product innovations, alternative solutions to current problems or any aspect related to social environmental affairs, we offer an additional research service to our clients.

With the combined research experience and skills of a M.Ed and an MBA, we can offer research options in a number of related subject fields.

We specialise in research in training and development related fields and can offer a service in the business, strategy development, management of change or project related fields.

The pricing of these services will be negotiated on client or contract specific basis.

Feel free to  contact us for more information.